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The Godhead Discussion

The Godhead Discussion

The Godhead Discussion by Jerry Hayes is over 300 pages of apologetic material concerning the debate over the Oneness and Trinity. Hayes studied the Scriptures at Moody Bible Institute and took language studies at Milligan College. He has served the Apostolic church for over 40 years as an evangelist, pastor, teacher, debater, and author.

The Godhead Discussion is a book which includes a debate on the Godhead. The debate took place between Jerry Hayes and Kenneth Green (CofC) in 1987. Muncia L. Walls noted that this book "will be of value to you for more reasons than just sharing in this debate between Bro. Hayes and Kenneth Green. This book also includes a storehouse of material on the Oneness subject which you will find enlightening and convincing." (pg. V)

The book is organized in five sections. It is well organized and is laid out for easy navigation. Section one is a pre-discussion to define such terms as Modalistic Monarchianism, Trinitarianism as well as a survey of the historical views and debates on the subjects. Section two is the transcript to the Hayes-Green debate. Hayes affirms that "The Scriptures teach that there is only one person in the Godhead, namely Jesus Christ." Green affirms "The Scriptures teach that there are three co-eternal distinct persons in the Godhead, namely the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost."

Section three covers several key issues in the Oneness and Trinity debate. Issues covered are "Another Comforter"; "Glory with the Father"; "On Manifestation and Identity"; "The Philippians 2:6-8 Challenge"; "The Worlds, Made by the Son"; "How God is One"; "The One on the Throne"; "The Dual Nature"; and "The Son of God". Section four contains the charts for the Hayes-Green debate in a neatly organized format. Section five is a glossary of terms.

In "How God is One?" Hayes notes, "Since the Christian faith sprang from the cradle of the Hebrew faith it would only seem logical that the faith of the Christian would maintain the monotheistic teachings of their Hebrew forefathers. While we hold this to be the fact in Pure Christianity, we must recognize a mutated form of monotheism that has appeared and spread through the ranks of Christendom to the point that it is today considered by the vast majority as being orthodox." (pg. 188)

From Jerry Hayes website:

The Godhead Discussion

Hardback; 315 pages; featuring the Hayes-Green debate of 1987. This book is designed to be a virtual encyclopedia complete with chain reference, glossary, all 142 charts used in the debate: Hayes -103; Green - 39. Contact us and request this book for a donation of $25,00 to JHM via PayPal

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