Friday, June 11, 2010

Read and Share Bible: Life and Miracles DVD

The Jesus Series: Life and Miracles: Read and Share DVD Bible

I recently obtained a copy of "The Jesus Series DVD Read and Share Bible" through a review program for Thomas Nelson Publishers. This animation DVD is straight from the popular Read and Share® Bible. In this DVD, The Jesus Series introduces children to the life of Christ. It consists of a 30 minute presentation of Jesus' ministry along Lake Galilee and the villages near Nazareth.

Through this series children can be introduced to the life of Jesus as it highlights His calling the Twelve Disciples, feeding of 5,000 people, healing the sick, teaching about God’s kingdom and introducing the Lord’s Supper. This DVD is a great opportunity for Christian parents to lay some groundwork upon which they can later build other knowledge about Jesus Christ.

I have two boys, ages 6 and 7. As we watched theRead and Share Bible: Life and Miracles I personally enjoyed the story flow. It can definitely help children grasp the feeling of the Gospels and the stories represented in them. Both boys watched the movie in its entirety but only my oldest said he enjoyed it. My youngest seemed more interested in playing Star Wars.At any rate, it is an opportunity to teach your children using DVD. It can serve as a segway into deeper or more thorough discussion of the life of Jesus.

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